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Google has tried to redeem Twitter

According to information relayed by Business Insider, Google has offered to buy Twitter to at least $ 2.5 billion. Microsoft would also have made some advances 

Google is not the only interested party because Microsoft also tries to afford the services of the sparrow. Twitter does not yet appear ready to lose his wings and would like for Google, declined the proposals of the firm of Steve Ballmer.
Two Internet giants have very nearly merged in the greatest secrecy. According to a source who allegedly took part in the talks, "cited by in the course of the year, Google has offered to buy Twitter putting about $ 2.5 billion on the table.However, it was not a firm offer, but rather a proposal calling for discussion.Twitter would have declined the offer, which was considered too low by the micro-blogging service, or even "insulting".In addition, three months ago, the social network would also refused a proposal to repurchase $ 4 billion. According to several sources kept secret, this would have been led by Microsoft. Twitter but only wants to continue its merry way. The micro-blogging service would even be willing to make a fundraiser more than $ 100 million, according to TechCrunch.Since its launch four years ago, Twitter has already raised $ 160 million from several investment funds.