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Top 3 reasons why people choose iPhone over other phones

Apple iPhone has been one of the best selling mobile phones all over the world, but have you ever thought about the reasons why people give first preference to iPhone Most of you must be knowing about the iPhone 4 antenna flaw, but people are still buying it. I am sure that none of you would have figured out the reason behind the same. There are many features which attracts the users, but here are the top 3 reasons why people choose iPhone instead of any other phone -

1. Apple Product -

Apple Inc is a multinational corporation based in America. This company has a goodwill all around the world. Apple always comes with a futuristic idea and implement it so well that people just fall in love with it. So, being an Apple product, iPhone gets more preference when compared to the other phones. This could be one of the reasons which tilts the buyer towards Apple iPhone.

2. Applications -

iPhone runs on the iOS and there are thousands of applications which are available for this operating system. Symbian has got a lot of applications too, but they stand nowhere when compared to iOS applications. Android is now picking up the pace, but iOS applications are still believed to be the best.

3. Status Symbol -

Apple Inc is a global brand which is known all over the world. iPhone is spreading like a virus all over the world and it has proved that it is better than the rest. After being one of the best selling phones, it is now a status symbol for people, so above all ‘Status Symbol’ is yet another reason for the increasing sales of iPhone.