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Samsung Galaxy S6: the manufacturer confirms charging without native thread

Samsung has revealed a slightly more important information about its upcoming Galaxy S6 and probably all future top models. On its official blog, the Korean manufacturer has in fact posted a long article to get back on the wireless charging virtues. Although he never explicitly mentions the Galaxy S6, the allusions are clear enough for the avoidance of doubt on the matter. He promises that with "Galaxy smartphones coming, users will enter a new wireless world like never before."
it includes mainly the S6 and S6 Edge its probable variant should integrate charging without native.On way wire is hard to see the promise bells and whistles on it if it is still an optional feature. Especially as many smartphones are already consistent with such a function, including Google Nexus 5 and 6, the LG G3, the Nokia Lumia 930, 1520, etc.

We also learn that since the first products agreeing wireless charging appeared on the market there about ten years, this chipset has drastically lost weight, never to occupy today that 10% of the total space that he had at the time. The thickness for his part was divided by three, while the price has also dropped dramatically, from 90%. Finally, and this is probably the most interesting information on use: there are three, wireless charging was a snail that was operating only between 20% and 30% as quickly as charging wired. Since, even if they have not yet balanced, speed nonetheless doubled to 60%.