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Samsung omnia 2 - reviews and specifications and rating

Many of reviews and ratings  about  the Samsung omnia 2   since the entry into the market. With the Omnia II, Samsung launches first smartphone Windwos Mobile 6.5. The Korean giant hopes to win with him the consumer and professional markets .
some specifications :
the device will have a touch screen 3.7-inch AMOLED, a photo sensor of 8.1 megapixels, a dual LED flash and video recordingfunction to VGA 30 fps and playback Divx. It has 150 MB of internal memory expandable by MicroSD card, and integrate GPS,Bluetooth and WiFi.

After a short week of daily use, here are our reviews for Samsung omnia 2 .

Plus: Big screen wonderful friendly interface, self finally correctnative Divx playback, video output, DLNA compatibility, improvedsensor.

Less: Some delays episodic resistive screen.

samsung omnia 2