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Google tests cars that can steer without drivers

 An amazing video shows a car hurtling Google automatically on a runway, to make squealing tires. The demonstration is impressive.

At TED 2011 (Technology Entertainment Design), go to regular speakers often brilliant, held in Long Beach (California), Google showed its automatic car capable of driving without a driver. The gear is not new and has already been presented.

Google is extremely secretive about the technical board, but said that 22,500 km were covered by the seven test vehicles on real roads, with a driver safety and that these cars would have traveled 1,500 kilometers in total in complete autonomy.

The novelty demonstrated by this new test ... is that it can go fast. A journalist SearchEngineLand, Danny Sullivan, is boarded in a test on a track, apparently improvised on a parking lot using tags. The film, shot from inside the Toyota Prius, shows a real little performance with the rope turns and screeching tires.

The demonstration, however, can leave skeptical because the picture shows a man very briefly up driver (Sebastian Thrun, an engineer at Google) and whose hands are held close to the steering wheel. Therefore difficult to know if he did not occasionally help out some on-board computer. Sebastian Thrun was also instructed to stop the meteor at the end of the race (you can hear the computer voice announce "manual" - manual - at the end of the race).