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Blackberry Torch 9800

iPhone 4 proved to be a commercial success and it is clear that the BlackBerry Torch arises in direct competition with the latest smartphone from the Cupertino company.

BlackBerry continues to be the leading supplier in the U.S. market for smartphones and continues the run second to Nokia in worldwide sales.

BlackBerry still largely ahead of the iPhone, which ranks fifth (with 21.7%). Data from market research firm Comscore published in May and that specify what smartphones are used for the United States, they also strengthened the position of RIM: according to these figures, the BlackBerry are twice as common as iPhones with a score of 41.7% against 24.4%.

RIM's famous BlackBerry manufacturer, has released its latest model, the Torch 9800. For people who already use a BlackBerry or for new customers, the  Torch 9800  is aimed at a wide audience through several strengths: a touch interface controllable from a large multitouch display, a real sliding QWERTY keyboard for text entry, a fast, responsive and easy to exchange via the Internet and thousands of applications available in the App World, the platform for downloading programs from RIM. In addition to its advanced technical features, the Torch is equipped with the latest operating system from RIM BlackBerry 6.0
An embedded Wi-Fi module, GPS, 4GB of internal memory, a sensor 5 MP camera and the ability to play many multimedia, the BlackBerry 9800 Torch he will really attract a large audience? The response in the complete test that we offer .