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Apple iPad : 2 to 3 different models in 2011

The IPAD Apple was a resounding success and currently more than 2 million are sold per month and expects to have sold 16 million in 2010. The company noted that most models sold were 3G connectivity (65%) and it seems that for the next iteration of the IPAD, the desire to expand the current model and support a combination of Wi-Fi UMTS and CDMA. Digitimes is citing that in January 2011, the mass production of the new Apple iPad out, and some tasty new features are announced by manufacturing sources. Anti-stain and anti-glare treatments in order to compete with the Kindle and attract more consumers are only a few new morsels offered. This adds to older information by Goldman Sachs, the 2 iPad will also have a slimmer body, a USB port and a camera. The three new models Apple released will allow the company to work more closely with carriers, something they have not done with the original design of the IPAD, but I hope they took notes Galaxy Samsung Tab. Samsung has done everything right, in partnership with all major carriers in North America, Europe, Australia and most Asian markets. industry sources are speculating conservative in 2011, Apple will sell over 40 million iPad 2 accounting for over 65-75% of the entire tablet PC market.