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BlackBerry 6 OS

The latest upgrade to RIM's BlackBerry OS is the biggest ever. No, this isn't a Windows Phone 7-type reimagining. BlackBerry is still BlackBerry, with the things you love (such as the laser-like focus on messaging) and the things you hate (such as pedestrian design and a
lame third-party app catalog.) But RIM has finally cracked the touch-screen code here, delivering a new OS with new search, Web, and media features that works well on touch-screen devices.The first BlackBerry 6 device is the BlackBerry Torch 9800 ($199.99, ),
coming from AT&T. The Torch uses similar hardware to the BlackBerry Bold line, and RIM has previously said that they'll try to make the new OS available to devices like the Bold, Storm, and Tour. RIM has a checkered history of being able to get OS upgrades through carrier
approvals, though, so it's anyone's guess when upgrades will happen, if ever.